Mark Tami speaks out regarding the dangers of fixed odds betting terminals

Fixed odds betting terminals are touch-screen roulette machines, and there are more than 35,000 terminals found in the United Kingdom’s bookmakers. There was a Backbench Business debate in Westminster this week (26/4) on the dangers of these terminals and Mark Tami was keen to express his concerns. Mark Tami shared the worries of the House […]

Mark Tami MP disappointed the vote went against allowing 3000 child refugees into the UK

An amendment to the immigration bill was narrowly defeated by the government on Monday night in the House of Commons. The amendment would have seen 3000 child refugees come into the UK and Mark Tami MP voted in its favour. MPs voted by 294 votes to 276 to reject the plan for Britain to accept […]

Too Much Information launches in Parliament

This month, Mark Tami MP was one of nearly 100 MPs who attended an event organised by The National Autistic Society who recently launched their Too Much Information campaign. Mark Tami MP is backing the charity’s new campaign to improve public understanding of autism. As part of the campaign, the charity has released a report […]

Mark Tami MP standing up for Shotton’s Tata plant in Westminster

When the Business Secretary, the Rt Hon Sajid Javid, finally agreed to hold a meeting with the All Party Steel Group; Mark Tami MP was however disappointed with the outcome of this meeting as they were left none the wiser as to what the Government intends to do with the steel industry. Despite the meeting doing […]

Mark Tami MP expresses his views on the Tory U-Turn on PIP

I was extremely pleased to see the Tories recently perform yet another U-Turn, this time deciding to axe George Osborne’s proposed changes to PIP. Realistically it should not have had to come to that and the apparent complete disregard shown towards disabled people by the Tories is cause for serious concern. What is equally as […]