Mark Tami MP expresses his views on the Tory U-Turn on PIP

I was extremely pleased to see the Tories recently perform yet another U-Turn, this time deciding to axe George Osborne’s proposed changes to PIP. Realistically it should not have had to come to that and the apparent complete disregard shown towards disabled people by the Tories is cause for serious concern. What is equally as […]

Mark Tami MP urges constituents to check whether they are registered to vote ahead of Assembly elections

The National Assembly for Wales’ elections are fast-approaching. Election day is on the 5th May and Mark Tami MP has urged constituents in Alyn and Deeside to make sure they are registered to vote. Mark Tami MP said; “It’s so important that people vote in the Assembly elections. A lot of powers are now devolved […]

M.E. magazine’s article eegarding the APPG on M.E.

Mark was instrumental in ensuring the reformation of the APPG on M.E. following the election, agreeing to take on an officer’s role and demonstrating support for people with M.E., their families and carers. Following the setting up of the group, work has been ongoing to build up the membership with MPs. An APPG-led inquiry has […]

Mark Tami MP pleased that Osborne gave in to pressure to axe PIP changes

Iain Duncan Smith’s recent resignation over the proposed cruel cuts  to disabled people’s support has revealed a Government in disarray. Mark Tami MP was strongly opposed to the cuts and as opposition grew, he urged constituents to back a petition calling for a halt to the changes and is pleased the proposals have now been scrapped. Mark […]

Mark Tami MP supports Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation

Mark Tami MP recently attended the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation anniversary event in Westminster. The event aimed to raise awareness of the positive impact sport and physical activity can have on mental health. A survey published this week by the Sport and Recreation Alliance, the Professional Player’s Federation and Mind, found that 84% […]