Mark Tami MP pledges to support #iwill campaign

The charity Step Up To Serve have recently set up the #iwill campaign. The campaign intends to get more young people, aged 10-20, to take part in social action like campaigning, fundraising and volunteering. The charity are asking organisations/public figures to pledge their support for the campaign. Mark Tami MP is one of many who […]

This week’s column. Life after Brexit

The shock of Brexit continues to destabilise the British economy. It concerns me that the two leading figures who were campaigning for Britain to leave the EU, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, have quit at the first opportunity – despite over 17 million people entrusting them to lead the nation in to a new age […]

This week’s column: Tribute to Jo Cox and thoughts on today’s referendum

Last Thursday I was attending a palliative care award event with David Hanson when we heard the news of the brutal attack on our colleague, Jo Cox. Jo was 41 and had only been in parliament for a year, but in that time she had made a name for herself as a courageous campaigner for […]

Mark Tami MP speaks in House of Commons debate on the Wales Bill

The Wales Bill was again debated in Parliament last week and local MP Mark Tami raised an important issue. The Wales Bill is an attempt to change the governance of politics in Wales. The Bill intends to amend devolution in Wales and move the country to a system that is more in line with their Northern […]

Mark Tami MP concerned for local jobs if we vote to Leave

There was a debate last week in Westminster regarding the economic benefits of remaining in the EU. Mark Tami MP spoke in the debate and raised his concerns for the 6000 people employed in his constituency by Airbus, who have urged their employees to vote to remain. Mark Tami said in the debate; “Have my colleagues […]