My thoughts on the steel industry

Theresa May recently addressed the Confederation of British Industry’s (CBI) annual conference and announced an industrial strategy. Two things in particular stood out for me. The first being the U-Turn on the promise to have workers on boards of companies, and secondly the absence of any reference to the steel industry in her speech. This […]

Last week’s column on Donald Trump

Months of bitter and spiteful campaigning came to an end on Tuesday and the 45th President of the United States was elected. It was a divisive campaign; and the focus on trading insults and condemning one another rather than laying out policies and values really epitomised what is wrong with modern day politics. It was […]

Local MP pledges to support developments at Deeside Community Hospital

Plans are in place to build a new purpose built communal area attached to the Gladstone ward at Deeside Community Hospital. The area will be dedicated to support and improve inpatient stay for patients, with a specific focus on those suffering with Dementia. Mark Tami MP met with staff at the hospital last week to […]

Mark Tami MP joins Dr Hilary Jones to celebrate school milk in Parliament

 Local MP, Mark Tami, this week joined TV’s Dr Hilary Jones at an event at the House of Commons to celebrate the role of school milk in supporting childhood health. Dr Jones is the spokesperson for the School and Nursery Milk Alliance, which works to highlight the health benefits of milk in schools. The organisation […]

Mark Tami MP calls for an urgent investigation in to Concentrix’s activities

Whilst Labour welcome that HMRC has finally taken action in announcing that the Concentrix contract will not be renewed after pressure from the public, it is regrettable that it has taken so long to reach this decision. Labour held an Opposition Day Debate in Parliament to urge the government to take action to compensate people […]