This week I joined the Alzheimer’s Society’s campaign, Fix Dementia Care

This week I joined the Alzheimer’s Society’s campaign, Fix Dementia Care. I joined it because it is glaringly obvious that social care has spiralled into a crisis. And a social care issue is very much a dementia care issue as it is social care, rather than the NHS, that hundreds of thousands of people with […]

Mark Tami MP raises Flintshire’s underfunding with the Treasury

Last week parents across Flintshire received letters from their children’s schools highlighting the pressures they are under due to proposed cuts to their budgets. Flintshire County Council plan to introduce a cash flat budget to schools this financial year which head teachers say will mean a real terms cut of 3-5% to their budgets. Parents […]

Mark Tami MP raises constituent’s concerns to Arriva

The number 3 bus running between Chester and Mold, through Broughton and Penyffordd, recently changed from half-hourly to hourly. Arriva, who run the service, stated that this was a measure they had to do to save costs. However residents are angry because the service does not follow any regular timetable with buses coming at different […]

A&D by-election falls on 100 days since women get the opportunity to vote

It was somewhat fitting that Alyn and Deeside was able to mark 100 days since some women were given the opportunity to vote with an election of our own. First of all, a big congratulations to Jack Sargeant who won with an outstanding majority. Obtaining 61% of the vote, followed in second by the Conservatives […]

More needs to be done to make our country more autism-friendly

The difficulties that parents of autistic children face trying to obtain the right support has been highlighted significantly in recent weeks. I know having spoken to a number of constituents that this is an issue that needs addressing. It has been reported that some children in certain areas are waiting on average two years for […]