A new premiership begins

Tuesday saw the incoming of a new Prime Minister. Boris Johnson won the Tory leadership contest with a landslide victory over Jeremy Hunt.  The result was called by political commenters weeks prior to Tuesday. The inevitability of the result should not pay testament to the competence of Johnson, instead it should highlight the immensely difficult times […]

Mark Tami meets with Macmillan Cancer Support to discuss their new report on the financial impact of cancer entitled ‘Cancer – A Costly Diagnosis?’

Macmillan Cancer Support have produced a report that focusess on people’s individual experiences of the financial impact of cancer and highlights three particular policy areas; the implementation of Universal Credit, the support banks and building societies give people living with cancer and the cost of travel insurance.   At the Parliament launch, over 100 people, many of them living with […]

Mark Tami supports ambitious Welsh Baccalaureate project

Students at Castell Alun High School doing the ‘Community Challenge’ aspect of their Welsh Baccalaureate have begun an ambitious project. The Community Challenge aspect involves the students undergoing ten hours of community support.  The Welsh Baccalaureate coordinator at the school, Mr David Swale, has chosen to link this aspect of the award with the impressive community project currently […]

Mark Tami meets constituents in Westminster for historic environment and climate lobby

Mark Tami MP heard from his constituents, who were among an estimated 12,000 people lobbying their MPs for urgent action on the natural environment and climate change.  In the largest-ever environmental lobby of parliament, people from all corners of the UK were represented, with at least 300 MPs coming out to meet with their constituents. The Alyn and Deeside MP was taken to meet […]

Mark Tami MP urges constituents to check if they are eligible for pension credit

Almost 2 million older people aged 65 and over are living in poverty in the UK. Pension Credit is the income-related benefit designed to lift them out of poverty, but it is estimated that more than 2 in 5 pensioner households who are entitled to Pension Credit do not receive it.   There are more than […]