This week’s My View

  MPs came back on Monday to hear that Theresa May is planning to push through a hard Brexit in just 12 hours. The Tories plan to vote on all 15 amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill in one session on the 15th June. This is an obvious display of contempt towards Parliament, by a […]

Figures on knife crime are very concerning

The Office for National Statistics recently announced that knife crime has risen by 22% since 2017 in England and Wales. These figures are incredibly worrying and are having a devastating effect on our communities. There are a number of contributing factors to these figures. A lack of projects aimed at the youth. A period of […]

Mark Tami MP asks schools & Council to join the fight against plastic and for producers, not council tax payers, to pay for recycling

Mark Tami has launched a local campaign to encourage schools and the Council to get tough on plastic in support for a proposed law to reduce plastic. Mark Tami was among dozens of MPs to support the new Plastics Bill presented by Geraint Davies MP which will ensure all plastic is recyclable by 2025 and […]

The effects social media is having on the young

Rates of anxiety and depression in young people have risen by 70% in the past 25 years. Of course it could be argued that there was a lot less coverage and a lot less known about the conditions back then and therefore less people diagnosed with it, however it cannot be denied that the number […]

Supporting a Nature Recovery Network

Mark Tami MP attended an event hosted by The Wildlife Trusts to show his support for the creation of a Nature Recovery Network.  A well-designed network of places for nature which links up green spaces and protected areas in our towns, cities and countryside would have positive benefits for both people and our wildlife. Research […]