Brexit update

March 29th (Brexit Day) came and went. Theresa May insisted on bringing her deal, which had been significantly defeated twice already in Parliament, back for a third Meaningful Vote.  I again voted against it for the same reasons I voted against it twice before. 

Those MPs who supported the deal despite repeatedly in the past stating its drawbacks should have thought twice before potentially facilitating a situation that they knew would have left us worse off than we are now.   

I am approached every day by constituents asking how I am representing their views on Brexit. Hardly anybody has said that the prime ministers deal represents what they want to see. And the promise of a Brexit with all of the benefits of EU membership without the costs, which we were promised by the Leave campaign seems a distant memory. 

Having been warned about the effects a hard Brexit, or even worse a no-deal Brexit, could have on my constituents – particularly those who are employed in the manufacturing industry – I have since voted to avoid a potentially damaging hard Brexit. 

The poorest in society would be the hardest hit by a no-deal Brexit. Those working families who are already struggling to get by will be left worse off and less protected. 

We have had almost three years of botched negotiations and we are still no wiser as to how we are supposed to be leaving. The recent indicative votes show just how divided Parliament is on what is the best course of action, and I think that is a good reflection of society as a whole. 

I used the votes to yet again try and steer the UK away from a cliff edge. It’s hard to say what, if any, effect those votes will have on proceedings.  

Brexit is a Tory policy which will affect us all greatly. The 2016 EU referendum was done to heal divisions in the Tory Party but consequently it has wedged greater divisions in the wider society, which I fear may be beyond repair. 

We have to somehow find an amicable path that the majority of politicians can get behind and would go some way to bringing the country together and healing those divisions.