Mark Tami MP backs the #SolveSleepIns Alliance

The #SolveSleepIns Alliance brings together charities and care providers challenging Government to fund the crisis in payment for overnight support.

Some vulnerable people require full round the clock care and therefore need carers to sleep in at their homes. Unfortunately due to funding cuts carers were regularly paid a flat rate that was below the National Minimum Wage (NMW). However, in 2015, an employment tribunal ruled that sleep-in shifts should be paid at the NMW and, crucially, that workers were owed up to six years of back pay.

Care providers, many of whom are charitable and voluntary organisations, are being left to cover what is estimated to be around £400million in back payments to carers.

Mark Tami MP has signed backs early day motion 1072 – which urges the government to address the back pay crisis facing sleep-in workers in the social care sector.

He said; “This is something that needs urgent attention. The issue is not with the decision to back pay carers because the carers should never have been paid below NMW. I fully support giving carers NMW for sleep in shifts however the Government have now left many organisations at the brink of collapse.

“The issue is with the expectancy from the Government for the care providers to now find the funds to pay back so much money. These organisations never received this level of funding in the first place and can only pay it to staff when the Government makes funding available.

“A lot of these organisations who are now paying NMW are now running at a loss because the Government have not made any more funds available to appropriately pay workers.

“This is clearly unsustainable. The government have had three years to rectify the situation – unless urgent action is taken we are likely to see significant negative effects throughout the care sector.”

Care providers are expected to sign up to a HM Revenue and Customs scheme by the end of the year and make the backdated payments by March 2019.