Build it in Britain

I am extremely happy with Labour’s recent ‘Build it in Britain’ pledge. We have pledged to create an energy system that delivers for people, businesses and our environment; supporting manufacturing and high-skill energy jobs in Britain.

I have long been dismayed with the Tories complete undermining of our energy industry at every opportunity. I was particularly disheartened when they recently rejected plans for the Swansea Tidal Lagoon project, which could have generated more high skilled jobs in Wales and used UK steel.

The Tories’ reckless energy strategy has seen them scrap the Zero Carbon Homes policy, scrap a £1 billion flagship programme on carbon capture and storage, we have seen unprecedented cuts to support for the solar industry and also the Department for Energy and Climate Change has been abolished.

The economy has become too focused on the City of London and the financial sector, and industries like energy have been neglected as a consequence.  

We need to rebalance the economy and that is why I am pleased that the Labour Party have stated that a future Labour Government would invest in infrastructure and new green technology across each region, helping companies based here in Britain to create jobs.

At a time where climate change and environmental impacts should be at the forefront of all our minds, the Tories continue to pursue a strategy that is putting the environment at risk.

As well as the environment, British jobs are also at risk. With falling investment millions of pound worth of contracts have gone overseas. Whereas in contrast, Labour’s innovative energy system would create secure and high-skilled jobs, and at the same time ensure that 60 per cent of our energy comes from zero-carbon or renewable sources by 2030.

I am glad Labour are committed to creating a fairer, more sustainable energy system which will boost the UK economy. I hope the Tories begin to address the many issues with their outdated, expensive and polluting energy system and start to put the environment and UK jobs first.