This week’s My View


MPs came back on Monday to hear that Theresa May is planning to push through a hard Brexit in just 12 hours.

The Tories plan to vote on all 15 amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill in one session on the 15th June. This is an obvious display of contempt towards Parliament, by a Government who has not even got a Commons majority.

I have called the Government out in the past for their blatant power grabs. I think it is imperative that Parliament is given the opportunity to appropriately scrutinise the Bill and have a meaningful say on what is the biggest thing to happen to British politics in a generation.

The outcome of the debate will be crucial to the future of our country and to have just a day allocated for it is inadequate and illogical.

Last week saw Donald Trump impose steep tariffs on steel and aluminium imported from Canada, Mexico and the European Union, ending the exemptions granted to us in March.

This is bad news all round. The last thing we need now is a global trade war, which has already begun with the EU planning to impose tariffs of their own on American products such as motorcycles, denim, cigarettes, peanut butter, whiskey, orange and cranberry juice – products linked with the home states of the Republican leadership.

There is a growing consensus in America that rather than helping their economy, these tariffs will in fact have a negative effect.

Low prices of steel have led to a surge in production of things like cars, airplanes and pipelines in America which have produced many more jobs than have been lost in metals production. Reports indicate these tariffs would lose ten times as many jobs in America as they would add.

This, coupled with the knock on effect of uncertainty that a global trade war will have on the economy, will be devastating not only in Britain but across the globe and we need Theresa May to be stronger and stand up to Donald Trump.

I was pleased to hear that the new operators of Wales and Borders rail services have promised to spend £800m on new trains and increase capacity by two thirds.

KeolisAmey will replace Arriva in October and the venture promises to be a new age in Welsh rail services as they plan to introduce brand new trains, hundreds of extra services, more staff, reduced journey times, new train stations & better connectivity right across Wales.

I will work with my North Wales colleagues to ensure the North is proportionally funded and that we can reap the rewards of this investment. This is a far-cry from the chaos that is currently happening across the border with North England’s rail network.

We have close ties with the North West here in Flintshire and I will join calls to the Government, from fellow MPs across the region, to make good on its promise to prioritise infrastructure in the cities of the north.