Mark Tami MP believes mesh operations should be stopped

“Mesh operations should be stopped”. Those were the words of Alyn and Deeside MP, Mark Tami, in Parliament yesterday.

On the 19/04/18, Labour MP, Emma Hardy, brought forward the debate where MPs from across the floor called upon the Government to ban vaginal mesh operations. Ms Hardy also urged the Government to consider bringing forward the UK health watchdog’s 2018-19 guidelines on mesh for stress urinary incontinence, and to offer physiotherapy as standard for new mums on the NHS.

Mesh operations are supposed to fix prolapse and incontinence however women who have had them have reported long-term devastating side effects.

Theresa May recently announced a review into the use of Mesh after it was revealed that more than 800 women are taking legal action against the NHS and the makers of vaginal mesh implants.

Mark Tami MP believes that operations should be stopped whilst the review is taking place.

During the debate he stated how concerned he was “that today and tomorrow women will be having operations that might well cause them complications in the future” and believes “that these operations should be stopped until we find out the truth”.

Mr Tami also used the debate to raise his concerns about how patients experiencing problems were led to believe that the problems were not common.  He said that he had “spoken to a lot of people who were told that there was not a problem and that they were perhaps the only ones experiencing a problem. People were on a host of painkillers and were not told that others had experienced the same and that it was a much wider problem.”

He also said how alarmed he is with the lack of research in Mesh. Stating that “many women were told that this was like a miracle cure and were not given all the facts about it.” And he believes that there “should have been a lot more research about how easy it is to remove”.

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