Mark Tami MP meets Alfie Dingley in Parliament

Alfie Dingley has a very rare form of epilepsy which means he suffers from clusters of 20 to 30 seizures a day every 7-10 days, all of which result in hospitalisation.

In the UK, he is treated with intra venous steroids, something his doctors say will cause him mental and physical harm and will end in premature death.

Alfie’s family are campaigning for the right to use medicinal cannabis to treat him as it gives him significant relief from his symptoms. They were in Parliament this week hoping to get the support of MPs and to present a petition to number 10.

Mark Tami met with Alfie and his family in Parliament and said;

“It was very moving meeting Alfie, who is an incredibly brave boy. It’s heart breaking to hear the torment he goes through on such a regular basis due to his condition.

“There is a stigma surrounding cannabis being used for medicinal purposes. However if people like Alfie can benefit so much from it then this of course something that needs to be looked into.

“The Government must ensure that all evidence relating to his case is examined and that all avenues of treatment, including medicinal cannabis, are considered.”