This week I joined the Alzheimer’s Society’s campaign, Fix Dementia Care

This week I joined the Alzheimer’s Society’s campaign, Fix Dementia Care.

I joined it because it is glaringly obvious that social care has spiralled into a crisis. And a social care issue is very much a dementia care issue as it is social care, rather than the NHS, that hundreds of thousands of people with dementia rely on every day in the UK.

Currently 60% of those using homecare have dementia, and 70% of care home places are occupied by those who have the condition

With an aging population the demand on social care is unprecedented. It is help with daily tasks such as washing, eating and dressing that people with dementia rely on and on average, the cost of caring for somebody with the condition totals almost £100,000.

The Alzheimer’s Society has estimated that it will take almost 125 years to save for the typical cost of dementia care. Which is of course, an impossibility for most.

As a nation, not being able to receive the necessary treatment when we get older is one of our greatest concerns and it is down to the government to address this.

I have therefore welcomed the Government’s announcement that they are to produce a Green Paper on social care this summer. The purpose of the Fix Dementia Care campaign is to ensure that the complex needs of people with dementia are addressed within this Paper.

It’s not fair that thousands of people who have dementia are stuck in hospital as they have nowhere else to go. And it is even more unjust that many more are losing their life savings just so they can receive basic care.

It is vital that people with dementia are at the centre of any future plans for social care, and that we ensure they receive quality care at a fair price.

This is a critical window for the Government. It is clear that we need a completely reformed system, so it is imperative that they listen to those in receipt of social care and form a sustainable, person-centred plan to reform care once and for all.