Mark Tami MP raises Flintshire’s underfunding with the Treasury

Last week parents across Flintshire received letters from their children’s schools highlighting the pressures they are under due to proposed cuts to their budgets.

Flintshire County Council plan to introduce a cash flat budget to schools this financial year which head teachers say will mean a real terms cut of 3-5% to their budgets.

Parents were asked to raise the issue with their elected representatives. Mark Tami MP wrote to the HM Treasury stating Wales is being let down by year on year cuts to its funding and also wrote to Flintshire County Council asking for a meeting to discuss possible solutions.

Mark Tami said; “I have long been aware of the financial struggles Flintshire County Council have been under. Over the past few years they have faced year on year cuts to their budget as a direct consequence of Tory austerity policies.

“It is neither acceptable nor viable that since 2010-2011, Welsh Government’s budget has been cut in real terms by 7%. Wales is getting a bad deal, we need the treasury to rethink the Barnett formula and work with Welsh Government and local authorities so they can come to terms with what is reality in Wales.

“I hope the Chancellor recognises the severe pressure that Flintshire County Council, as well as local authorities across Wales are under”

Mr Tami also requested a meeting with Council representatives to discuss the issues.

“I know full well that reducing school’s budgets is an absolute last resort for the Council as they recognise the importance of safeguarding the future of Flintshire’s children.

“However I do recognise the financial constraints on the Council. That is why I will be doing my utmost from my position to help with the situation.

“It will take a collective effort from teachers and politicians at all levels to protect the future of our education services, and I will be very much involved in it.”