Mark Tami MP brands leasehold residential tenure a scam

There was a Westminster Hall debate just before Christmas on reforming the sale of leasehold or commonhold properties.

The all-party parliamentary group on leasehold and commonhold reform managed to secure the debate and used it as an opportunity to highlight leasehold abuse and to push for reform.

Mark Tami MP, who is a member of the all-party group, made a number of interventions during the debate and brandished the sale of leasehold properties a “scam”.

He highlighted the difficulties that owners of leasehold properties face, such as if they want to change the flooring they have to apply and are charged excessive fees. He said “It is a scam, and it needs to be treated as such”.

Prior to the debate the Government had announced that new rules were going to be introduced to make extending a lease or purchasing a freehold “much easier, faster and cheaper”. The government will also go ahead with a ban on leaseholds on new-build houses and will force developers to cut controversial ground rents to zero for all new apartments and houses.

Mr Tami welcomed this announcement but said during the debate that “we really need to get redress for those people who already have leaseholds” as it will “obviously be very difficult for them to sell those properties”.

Mr Tami also used the debate to highlight other issues that he wants addressing. People being encouraged by their house builders to use certain law firms who did not point out potential problems when purchasing a leasehold property and also companies selling freeholds on to third parties who in turn increase the ground rent payments considerably.

Mark Tami finished by announcing that “although the property companies may not have done anything illegal, what they have done is morally wrong”.

The APPG hopes to secure a debate in House of Commons Chamber where they can announce real plans to reform the sale of leasehold properties and members have encouraged constituents to keep speaking out on the scandal.

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