Politicians unhappy with the Governments response to Mesh debate

There was a debate in Westminster this week on the use of mesh tape in operations to cure prolapse, incontinence and hernia.

The debate was brought forward by Labour MP, Emma Hardy, who is calling for a public inquiry into the use of mesh after it was revealed that more than 800 women are taking legal action against the NHS and the makers of vaginal mesh implants.

Alyn and Deeside politicians, Mark Tami MP and Carl Sargeant AM, have been campaigning on behalf of their affected constituent, Maxine Cooper, to suspend the use of Mesh. Mr Tami spoke in the debate calling the use of mesh a “national scandal”.

Mark Tami said; “I was grateful that this debate was secured and I am glad so many MPs took the opportunity to speak up on behalf of their constituents.

“The number of cases brought forward are a reflection of the clear failings that have happened. The lack of clinical trials and the discrepancies with recordings and consent really is a national scandal.

“The Minister’s response was disappointing and shows how out of touch this Government is. Hopefully women across the country will continue to speak up and put the Government in a position where the evidence can’t be ignored.”

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health, Jackie Doyle-Price, responded to the numerous cases brought forward to her by saying the problem lies not with the product, but with the procedure, and failed to commit to a public inquiry or suspension of the product.  

Carl Sargeant, AM for Alyn and Deeside, said: “This debate was an important opportunity to air the truth that women across the UK have known to their cost for years – that mesh can leave women with dreadful, life-changing injuries. Mark Tami, Emma Hardy and Owen Smith did the mesh-injured women proud. Unfortunately the health minister’s response was disappointing and we will have to keep fighting for a suspension of mesh procedures.

“In Wales Health Secretary Vaughan Gething has written to me with more information on the task and finish group on mesh and reassured me that the group will hear evidence from mesh affected women. I hope in Wales these women will be listened to and their wishes acted upon.”

Maxine Cooper said: “I am so very disappointed with Jackie Doyle’s response. She has not listened to all of us suffering from this device. Documented written reports show it is the device whereas she states it is the procedure. I do hope she does her research because she obviously has not. And what is an apology going to do for all us women all over the world who has lost everything .. it is an outrage. We will continue to fight to stop this procedure to stop others being harmed.”