Mark Tami MP Supports Firefighters in Westminster

Local MP Mark Tami met firefighters in Westminster this week to recognise and celebrate the invaluable work do keeping our community safe. 

Love Your Firefighters, hosted by the Fire Brigade Union (FBU) was attended by more than 70 MPs, who met firefighters and Union officials.

MPs were asked to support investment into the fire and rescue service by FBU general secretary Matt Wrack.  He urged the MPs to take the message back to their constituencies that the maintenance of a world class, professional fire and rescue service is something all political parties should support.


“It is a privilege to have so many MPs from across the spectrum here with us to celebrate the work of our members. Support for firefighters and their fire and rescue services is a humanitarian issue, not a political one. We would urge MPs from all parties to get behind their firefighters now and support the invaluable work they do in their communities, keeping us all safe.”


“It was a privilege to have the opportunity to meet some of the professional firefighters who do this invaluable, challenging work. 

“The heroism and professionalism of our firefighters was evident no more so than at the recent tragedy at Grenfell. However it shouldn’t take such a high profile event to bring the extraordinary work our emergency services do to the forefront of our minds.

“It is clear that all Members of Parliament should support our fire and rescue services, in the interests of both public and firefighter safety.”

Two films were shown at the event. ‘Operator’ won the BAFTA short film award last year (2016) for its depiction of a control room operator taking an emergency fire call. ‘The Firefighters’ Dilemma’ was made this year to convey the stress fire crews are under when they turn out to a fire and have to wait for a second fire engine before entering the premises.