EU withdrawal Bill

Late on Monday night I voted against the so called ‘Great Repeal Bill’ at its second reading. I did this not because I want to block or curtail Brexit, but because I want Parliament to have a meaningful say on Brexit negotiations.

The Bill in its current state has effectively side lined Parliament, and given the Government a carte blanche to push through whatever agenda they wish without it having to be appropriately scrutinised.

This could have a lasting effect on the democratic landscape of this country as it fundamentally alters the balance of power between Parliament and the Government.

Since the referendum result I have always said that I will push for the best possible deal for the people I represent. However this unprecedented power grab by Government Ministers will limit the impact myself and other MPs can have on discussions.

I have always stated that I have accepted the referendum result and that it is not my intention to stop it from happening. I do however want to ensure living standards do not drop, jobs are safeguarded, workers’ rights are maintained and the environment is protected. This Bill puts these responsibilities in the hands of Ministers and essentially makes Parliament surplus.

So please be assured that it was not an attempt to block a democratic process, as some individuals have declared it. It was instead an attempt to maintain Parliamentary sovereignty and maintain democracy at a much larger scale.