All Party Parliamentary Group on Surgical Mesh Implants meets for the first time

MPs were joined by doctors, surgeons and academics in July this year at a meeting held in Westminster by a shadow cabinet member, Owen Smith MP, to raise awareness of the devastating effect vaginal mesh is having on some women.

It was agreed at the meeting that an All Party Parliamentary Group on Surgical Mesh Implants would be set up once Parliament was sitting again in September and today was the first time the APPG met.

The Group’s chair, Owen Smith MP, was joined by MPs from across Parliament who want to address the lack of information given to women regarding the long term side effects of mesh and discuss the shortcomings of medical professionals and medical device companies.

Local MP, Mark Tami, was amongst those who joined the APPG and he had this to say.

“I was glad to be a part of the setting up of the Group. The pain and suffering that these women have had to endure is wrong and it is something that needs urgent attention.

“A lot of these women got the procedure under false pretences, thinking they would be able to continue a normal life, pain-free. Also the fact there is no database or registry for women who have had this implant, is clearly wrong”

“A lot of companies have already stopped the manufacturing of such devices, and that in itself speaks volumes.

“Now the Group has been set up we intend to look at what has gone wrong, how it was allowed to go so drastically wrong and ensure other women do not fall victim of it.”

The Group will be meeting every month and Mr Tami has urged any constituents affected by mesh implants to get in touch with his office