Mark Tami MP backs Labour’s claims that Britain needs a pay rise

It has been revealed that between 2010 and 2016, average yearly wage figures fell by 0.8% per year in real terms in the North West and by 0.3% in Wales.

This is compared to the average yearly figures between 2002 and 2010, which saw wages rise by 1% per year in the North West and by 1.2% in Wales.

The Labour Party have launched a campaign to give Britain a pay rise because they believe that average real wages and productivity have stagnated under the current Tory Government.

Mark Tami MP is backing calls and has said; “It has been proven that high wages can drive high productivity; but under the Conservative Government, wages in fell in Wales have fallen by 0.3% per year compared to a rise of 1.2% from 2002 to 2010.

“Raising wages would encourage firms to invest in new technology and training, boosting productivity and maintaining profitability. It also helps to reduce turnover of workers, motivate staff and foster loyalty to the firm, again helping raise productivity.

“The sad reality is that under the current Tory Government we are seeing the same people getting richer and the average workers being taken advantage of. This cannot continue and that is why I am backing Labour’s campaign to give Britain a pay rise.”

Labour would act to boost the wages of workers, including the introduction of a £10 Real Living Wage for all workers by 2020.

The Real Living Wage would be set by an independent Living Wage Review Body using the same methodology as the current voluntary living wage. The Party have also stated they will consider measures to support employers where necessary.