Mark Tami MP arranges meeting with Council Officers regarding the regeneration of Buckley

Mark Tami MP this week met with a number leading figures from Flintshire County Council in a meeting arranged to discuss the regeneration of Buckley.

In attendance were Steve Jones (Streetscene), Niall Waller (Regeneration), Andy Roberts (Planning), Clare Budden (Housing and Regeneration) and Cllr Derek Butler (Economic development).

The regeneration of Buckley has been a longstanding issue for the local MP and he has made improving the town centre a priority since winning the election in 2017.

Mark Tami said; “I was happy I was able to arrange this meeting and outline the issues that were raised with me on the doorstep during the election.

“It became apparent during the election that for the vast majority of residents in Buckley the issue was the town Centre – its poor condition, what it has to offer and how it could compete with neighbouring towns.”

The officers were in agreement that efforts need to be made to improve the precinct area as well as the Lane End area which are becoming increasingly run down and more shops are becoming empty.

It was also agreed that there is a desperate need to attract more restaurants and another supermarket to Buckley which will in turn attract more people into the town.

Mark Tami continued; “I was pleased we were able to make some progress on this, I am making it a priority to improve the town centre to ensure that I am not hearing the same issues when I am canvassing during the next election.

“It’s comforting to know that Council Officers share my desire to improve the town centre and a Buckley Investment Strategy Consultation Report has already been put in place.”

The Buckley Investment Strategy Consultation Report was produced earlier this year to identify the problems and put forward suggestions. This will be led by Buckley Town council and regular meetings will be held to discuss progress; the next meeting being in September.

Mark Tami will continue to monitor progress and offer assistance where he can and intends to meet with Buckley Town Council and Flintshire County Council in September.

He is also making arrangements to meet the owners of the precinct to discuss what can be done to improve this area of Buckley.

Ideas and discussions are ongoing and Mark is urging constituents with ideas of their own to get in touch with his office. Either by phone 01244 819854 or by email