MP attends meeting in Parliament regarding the Sling the Mesh Campaign

The MP for Pontypridd, Owen Smith, organised a meeting in Parliament this week aimed to raise the profile of a woman’s health campaign.

Sling the Mesh is a campaign that warns people of the life changing risks that mesh operations can have on women after childbirth.

The operations are supposed to fix prolapse and incontinence, however women who have had mesh operations have reported long-term side effects that include severe pain in their stomach, arms legs, feet, back and buttocks.

Mark Tami attended the meeting where retired obstetrician and gynaecologist, John Osborne, and also leading surgeon in removing transvaginal mesh, Sohier Elneil, spoke on the issues that women who have had the operation often face.

Mark Tami said, “I’m glad my Labour colleague, Owen Smith, managed to secure this meeting that has really helped raise the profile of this awful issue.

“When I first heard about the horrific side effects and the amount of women who have suffered because of it, I found it hard to believe that this was happening in our country.

“The Sling the Mesh Campaign have done a fantastic job of raising awareness and bringing it to MPs attentions. Hopefully now we can have a Westminster debate in the Chamber on the issue and we can make some progress in ensuring women no longer have to suffer and are at the very least aware of the side effects”

To find out more about the campaign please visit the Sling the Mesh campaign