Mark Tami MP takes up resident’s concerns in packed Westminster meeting on leaseholds

The All Party Parliamentary Group looking into leaseholds recently met in Parliament to discuss the pressing issue of leasehold reform.

The APPG’s main aims include reducing the opportunity of exploitation and alleviating the distress and hardship of leaseholders. It also aims to unearth and publicise scandalous behaviour of professions involved in the leasehold sector.

Mark Tami MP, who is a founding member of the APPG, was present at the meeting as he wanted to put forward his constituents’ concerns.

Residents on a number of new estates across Alyn and Deeside have fallen victim of developers selling off leaseholds to third parties at extortionate prices

Mark Tami said; “During the election it was obvious how big an issue this was, particularly in the new estates in Broughton and Penyfordd. I was knocking on doors and the distress that constituents were feeling as a consequence of this was hard to see.

“I am pleased to be a founding a member of this APPG. I hope the group will achieve its objectives as leaseholders should not be victims of such hardship, particularly elderly residents who are often the ones coming to my office for help.”

A number of issues were discussed at the meeting, external speakers included mortgage lenders who discussed the difficulties of getting a mortgage on a leasehold property and also difficulties selling on these properties.

Mr Tami added; “Our main aims are to get developers to stop selling leasehold properties – something we have had reasonable success with, getting compensation to those who have been sold leasehold properties and also changing the law so that people can buy back leases.

“A number of developers have recognised that what they were doing was essentially a scam and companies such as Taylor Wimpy have stopped selling leasehold properties all together now.

“We discussed the challenges. We recognise that changing the law will be a difficult task, but the APPG is looking forward to the challenge. It’s not right how many people have been caught up in this and we know how important addressing this issue is.”