My Flintshire Chronicle column

Last week was the state opening of Parliament. The Queen gave her speech that set out the laws that ministers want to pass during the coming years in Parliament.

Due to the Tories not getting a majority, the speech did not include a number of key pledges that they had announced in their manifesto before the election.

I was pleased that there was no mention of lifting the ban on fox hunting, also no mention of grammar schools or the abandoning of the triple lock pension, cuts to both winter fuel allowance and free school meals were also ditched and there was an expected U-turn on the ‘dementia tax’.

This was a direct consequence of voting Labour. By voting Labour, the British people have ensured that Theresa May does not have the mandate to force through policies that are unpopular with the everyday electorate.

The Tories’ Queen’s Speech was yet further evidence that Theresa May is not up for the job. She delivered a threadbare document that lacked substance. It shows that the Conservatives are unable to put together a proper programme for government.

For me however what was so disappointing with the speech was the neglect shown towards Wales. The speech was a clear indication that there is no Tory vision for Wales and shows how low down we are on their agenda.

Wales yet again is left to feel unrepresented by Theresa May’s Government, and I fear this will only worsen in the wake of the deal that was struck with the Democratic Unionist Party this week. The agreement will ensure the Tories have a working majority in Parliament as they will be propped up by the ten DUP MPs, in return of £1 billion.

This deal is a slap in the face to so many people across the country and will only drive further divisions into what is already a fragmented society.

It is now down to my Labour colleagues and I to keep the pressure on this ‘coalition of chaos’ and hold them to account every step of the way.