My Flintshire Chronicle column

I was delighted on Thursday to win my fifth election here in in Alyn and Deeside and again be voted in as your Member of Parliament, and a big thank you to everybody who supported me.

The Labour campaign was a testament to the Party and at the heart of it was a manifesto that worked for the many, not the few. It was also a rejection of a cruel un-costed Tory manifesto and of Theresa May who ran a vindictive campaign that lacked substance.

It was refreshing to see so many people get involved at the grassroots of the party at both a national level and also locally. Here in Alyn and Deeside I was joined throughout the campaign on the doorstep by numerous activists. This ensured I was able to make contact with thousands of people, so I could listen to their concerns and offer advice where I could.

I found that the vast majority of the issues that were raised by the residents that I managed to speak to during the campaign were local issues. The issues ranged from the regeneration of Buckley to residents in lease hold properties having their leases sold on.  Now I have been re-elected I intend to address these issues as a matter of urgency and I will be providing regular updates as to how things are progressing.

It was a huge gamble by Theresa May to call a snap-election, a gamble that backfired magnificently. I, like the number of constituents who have contacted me, am very concerned about the prospect of the DUP propping up the Conservative Government.

It is a desperate attempt to cling onto power and Theresa May will be expected to make compromises. I can however assure you though that my Labour colleagues and I will not let the UK take a step back when it comes to women’s rights, LGBT rights, or climate action.

Thank you if you went out and voted last week, whoever it was for. The turnout here in Alyn and Deeside was an impressive 70%, and I was pleased to see many first time voters coming out to vote. I promise to do my best to represent the interests of all people in the constituency.