Mark Tami MP fears divisions in society after DUP deal

Theresa May today struck a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to ensure her Conservative Government has a working majority in Parliament.

There have been weeks of negotiations, but today a deal was finally announced that includes £1bn of extra spending in Northern Ireland and even lucrative new tax powers.

Mark Tami MP has raised his concerns about the deal and has questioned where this extra money is going to come from.

Mr Tami said; “It would appear that the ‘magic money tree’ does in fact exist. The DUP have held Theresa May to ransom and are now £1 billion better off.

“Theresa May’s gamble to call a snap election is proving to be one of the most expensive political mistakes of recent times. This deal is a slap in the face to so many people, especially public sector workers who have had a pay freeze for the past eight years, and is only going to drive further divisions into our society.

“It is now down to my Labour colleagues and I to hold this inept government to account and ensure the UK does not take a step back when it comers to women’s rights, LGBT rights or climate action.”