Another Queen’s speech that disregards Wales

Today was the State Opening of Parliament. A symbolic event where the Queen delivers a speech which lays out the laws that ministers want to pass during the coming years in Parliament.

With the Conservatives losing their majority, Theresa May was forced to drop a number of key manifesto pledges as the Queen delivered a speech that focused heavily on Brexit and recent tragedies.

There was no sign of pledges such as the ‘dementia tax’, scrapping of the triple lock, fox hunting, grammar schools and the scrapping of school lunches – all of which proved controversial during the election.

Although Mark Tami MP was pleased that so many “cruel policies” had been left out of the speech, he was however disappointed that Wales appeared to be neglected.

Mark Tami MP said, “I was happy to see that a number of the cruel policies that the Tories had announced in the lead up to the election were abandoned during the Queen’s Speech. By voting Labour, the British people have ensured that Theresa May does not have the mandate to force through policies that are unpopular with the everyday electorate.

“Unsurprisingly however, Wales featured very little in the speech. The speech quite rightly focused on the recent tragedies and Brexit but Wales still deserves more recognition. The speech clearly shows that there is no Tory vision for Wales and also how low down Wales is on their agenda.

“It’s more disappointing as I know a Labour Government’s Queen’s Speech would have seen a distinctly Welsh Labour agenda set out, with Welsh Labour’s popular manifesto at its heart. There is a clear difference here in Wales between the inspiring vision presented by the Labour Party and Welsh Labour, or a lacklustre mess coming from the Tory HQ in London.”