“The rights of British employees moving and working across Europe need to be secured” – Mark Tami MP

Despite a snap general election being called, Parliamentary business carried on and this week the effects of leaving the EU on Wales was debated in Westminster.

Mark Tami MP used the debate to again get assurances from the Government that British employees are able to move and work across Europe freely.

Mark Tami MP said after the debate; “I am in regular contact with companies in the area and I know how important this security will be for the day to day running of these companies.

“Airbus for example, who have factories across Europe as well as their site here in Broughton, rely extensively on their workforce being able to move freely across Europe. It is therefore essential that the rights of British employees moving and working across Europe are secured.”

The Government responded claiming they will “listen to them (companies) and act on their behalf”.

Mr Tami welcomed the commitment but said; “it’s all very well saying the Government will ‘listen’ to companies but I am speaking to these companies on an almost daily basis and the concern is real.”

“I fear that these rights may be pushed to one side as other priorities are made in the Government’s pursuit of hard Brexit.”

To read the debate in full please use the following link https://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2017-04-26a.1091.5&s=speaker%3A11267#g1093.1