Local MP pledges to support developments at Deeside Community Hospital

Plans are in place to build a new purpose built deeside-community-hospitalcommunal area attached to the Gladstone ward at Deeside Community Hospital. The area will be dedicated to support and improve inpatient stay for patients, with a specific focus on those suffering with Dementia.

Mark Tami MP met with staff at the hospital last week to have a tour and presentation and to discuss what was being done.

Mark Tami MP said, “I really enjoyed meeting the team at Deeside Community Hospital. I was impressed by the enthusiasm shown by Debbie, who has put a lot into this already.

“It was great to see the hospital acknowledging the importance of dementia research; I was however disappointed to hear that they were struggling for funding.

“As the population grows older, dementia is affecting more and more of us and recent figures that show Dementia is as prevalent as cancer are scary. There needs to be a national long term plan in place for dementia research and funding that is in proportion with its impact on society.

“That is why I have pledged to support the team the best I can and I urge local companies, or even residents, to do the same by donating what they can.”

The Activity Dementia support worker, Deborah Fogg, aims to have the activity day room – similar to the one recently built in Llandudno Community Hospital – open by early next year and has been asking local companies for all the support they can offer.

Deborah Fogg said; “The idea is to have a quiet and practical area that will promote patient rehabilitation and wellbeing. We want to create a normal area for patients to use in what they consider to be an abnormal environment, and I’m delighted Mark has pledged to support.

“Our aim is to ask local businesses to contribute donations to help us create our new activities room for the benefit of all our patients, in particular those suffering with dementia. We shall be looking to have new chairs, sofas, television, crafts and many extras so we can make a difference for our patients, families and carers.”

If you would like to offer your support then please contact the office of Mark Tami on 01244 836350