Last week’s column on Donald Trump

Months of bitter and spiteful campaigning came to an end on Tuesday and the 45th President of the United States was elected. It was a divisive campaign; and the focus on trading insults and condemning one another rather than laying out policies and values really epitomised what is wrong with modern day politics.

It was a surprise to see Donald Trump win the election. His campaign centred on a sense of anger against the establishment and the political elite. There were clear similarities between his and the Brexit campaigns and both results really show how people, more than anything, want change and feel disenfranchised by the system.

Whoever would have won the election faced a massive challenge in healing a divided nation. The malice of the campaign may have had a negative effect on Mr Trump’s reputation. He must now however rebuild the trust of those who may have become disillusioned by what was the most divisive election in American history.

It is now time to put the campaign behind him and start delivering not only for the people of America, but also those across the globe who rely on strong leadership from the world’s most powerful office. I fear we may well have a bumpy ride ahead.

On a more positive note, I was delighted this week to hear the announcement from the Ministry of Defence that the former RAF base in Sealand has been chosen to be a global repair hub providing maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade services for F-35 avionic and aircraft components.

The multi-million-pound contract to repair and maintain F-35 fighter jets from across Europe is fantastic news for an already thriving UK defence industry – and also the British economy as a whole.

This announcement will create and maintain high-end jobs in Alyn and Deeside. This is more great news for an area that is vastly becoming the UK hub for the high-tech and innovative defence industry. Alyn and Deeside has always been a leader in aviation technology and this announcement only confirms that.