Mark Tami MP listens to constituents and signs Pledge for the Environment

Green Alliance is a charity focused on environmental issues. They have recently launched a campaign calling on MPs to sign a Pledge for the Environment following the EU referendum.

The pledge commits the UK to being a world leader on the preserving the environment, climate change and supporting farmers and land owners. Mark Tami is amongst a number of MPs who have signed the pledge.

Mark Tami said, “A number of constituents brought the pledge to my attention and once I read it I was more than happy to sign it.

“Climate change is a very real issue that we must tackle today for the benefit of our children and grandchildren. It’s important that we protect our environment so we have access to open and natural areas of beauty.

“I will continue to press the Government to ensure our environmental protections are not weakened when the UK leaves the EU. I will also hold the Government to account on its climate change commitments and press it to do more to protect our natural environment.”

To see the pledge in full and to see the work Green Alliance do please go to