Jeremy Corbyn re-elected

Jeremy Corbyn last week won his second Labour leadership contest in as many years with a clear majority. The issue with leadership has now been settled and although it has been a testing few months for the Labour Party, it is now time to put this behind us, unite as one and build a party that is capable of Government.

I have been at the Labour Party Conference this week in Liverpool and if there has been one thing that the vast majority of attendees are agreed on, it is that it is time to put an end to infighting and focus our energy on holding the Tories to account, who are of course our real political foes.

The qualities and values of all our MPs, AMs, Councillors and members must be utilised if we are to become electable once again. The Labour Party has always been a broad church of opinions and ideas and all parts of the party must now come together and focus on building a viable and credible program for the future.

The Tories have had it easy of late. The Labour Party has been distracted by the leadership contest and Theresa May has used this to her advantage by trying to force through unpopular policies like bringing back grammar schools, more austerity measures and an almost non-existent ‘Brexit’ strategy. There is discontent amongst some Tory MPs who do not agree with Mrs May’s principles and it is now time for Labour to take advantage of political divisions themselves.

Labour only wins when it builds a progressive coalition across the country. Retreating to our comfort zone is not the answer, we need to reach out to all sections of society. This broad church approach is what separates us from other political parties. We have become the biggest political party in any Western democracy, it is now time we set out a mandate for Government and deliver for those who have shown faith in us and for those who are being let down by the Tories.