Mark Tami MP listens to concerned Polish constituents

There was a debate recently in Westminster on the Contribution of Poles to UK Society. The debate was brought to the House by Daniel Kawczynski MP in the wake of Brexit and the number of racist incidents that have followed.

Mark Tami spoke in the debate and raised the concerns of local Polish people; “A number of people have spoken to me, saying that they just do not feel welcome any more.”

He continued by stating how difficult it is to change these attitudes and how he is concerned for the jobs that will be lost if Poles leave due to them feeling unwelcome.

The purpose of the debate was to reassure the Polish community and to speak out against the abuse, outrage and violence that is happening.

Mark Tami said after the debate; “The Government must do more to reassure not just Poles, but all ethnic communities in Britain, as Brexit seems to have given certain destructive forces in our society a licence to make racist remarks, and conduct racist attacks.

“The number of constituents who have raised their concerns to me is extremely worrying. I want to reassure these people that they remain a valued part of the Alyn and Deeside community.”