Mark Tami MP concerned about the Government’s fracking regulations

Mark Tami MP feels the UK Government are rushing into fracking initiatives with a complete disregard to environmental issues.

He thinks that they should instead draw upon the example set by Welsh Government, who have initiated a moratorium on fracking until further research is completed into its environmental impact.

Mark Tami MP said; “Labour have asked for safeguards and until these have been agreed upon, fracking should not be given the go ahead.

“I do not agree with the Government’s plans to cut out local councils. The views of local authorities who have a better understanding of the local communities that they represent should not be undermined.

“I’m concerned about the UK Government’s enthusiasm for advancing fracking permissions, particularly as Alyn and Deeside lies so close to the border.

“I think the Welsh Government has the right idea as they wish to ensure a thorough assessment of all the environmental implications is done before fracking permissions are granted.”

Mark Tami spoke after the Government recently announced  a proposal to make cash payments to families living close to fracking wells.