Local politicians visit Tata’s Shotton plant


Local Flintshire politicians, Mark Tami MP, David Hanson MP and Hannah Blythyn AM, recently visited Tata’s Shotton plant in the wake of the recent announcement that Tata were investing heavily in the steel works.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the steel industry as a whole, Tata have confirmed that they are willing to pump millions of pounds into its Colorcote and Building Systems site in Shotton.

Mark Tami MP said; “I am delighted with Tata’s decision to invest in Shotton. We live in uncertain times but this decision has made it clear that the Shotton site has a bright future. This plant is at the right end of the business and there is a very committed workforce here that delivers top quality products.”

The local politicians were invited to have a tour around the plant and to see how the investment, that they helped to secure, would be spent. They were met by senior members of the management team and trade union representatives from the multi union steel committee.

David Hanson MP said; “I really appreciated the tour and briefing and to learn of the great opportunities for the business at Shotton. It’s also revelling to see that from Fulham’s football ground to the latest Harry Potter ride to the highest building in the world, Shotton steel is helping build the best buildings in the world.”

Hannah Blythyn said; “It was good to have the opportunity to spend the day on site and have a full tour of the profitable and innovative businesses based in Shotton. Both prior and since being elected as an AM I have continuously spoke out and taken action to support our steel industry in North East Wales and will carry on in this vein to secure a sustainable and successful future.”

The business and multi union representatives provided information to demonstrate how Shotton Steelworks is a profit making site that supplies coated and prepainted steel goods for the construction sector; and manufactured goods to the UK washing machine and lighting industries.

Union representative, Andy Simpson, said; “Shotton continues to deliver excellent performance in making a range of unique and differentiated coated products for a group of loyal customers. The highly skilled, flexible and efficient workforce has received encouraging news following the recent announcement regarding a multi-million pounds investment in the Colors business. The investment will be used to develop a new generation of coated products that will ensure Shotton remains a global leader in its field.

“The multi unions thanked the politicians for their continued support and advocacy for the Shotton businesses, in what are still particularly challenging times for the steel industry within the UK”