This week’s column. Life after Brexit

The shock of Brexit continues to destabilise the British economy. It concerns me that the two leading figures who were campaigning for Britain to leave the EU, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, have quit at the first opportunity – despite over 17 million people entrusting them to lead the nation in to a new age of politics and towards a new fair deal with the EU.

What has become glaringly obvious however, is that there has never been, and there still is no real plan in place to cope with post-Brexit.

There has been a sudden surge in xenophobia and racism since the result. Alyn and Deeside has not been exempt to this unacceptable behaviour as I have had constituents raising concerns. I urge anybody who has been victim to such abuse to go to the police.

What Britain needs to work towards now is stability, a task made increasingly harder by the current political climate.

The Tories need to work fast in choosing their next leader, the next Prime Minister. They need to put manoeuvring and infighting aside and select a strong leader who is capable of securing Britain’s economic future and of reassuring the concerned public.

Likewise the Labour Party needs to regroup and reach out to its disillusioned supporters. A strong opposition party is needed now more than ever. Labour’s role in holding the Government to account in this difficult period is vital.

The Labour Party have already forced the Chancellor to abandon his unachievable aim of a surplus by 2019-20. We have also set out the economic principles that we expect to be a part of any negotiations the Government now has about the UK relinquishing its EU Membership status.

One thing I am particularly concerned about is the lack of regard for workers’ rights shown by the politicians who led the Brexit campaign. It has even been stated that Britain should look to halve the current protection to workers. The Labour Party will do their utmost to defend those rights.

I can assure you that Labour will not allow the costs of Brexit to be borne by working people and their families.