Mark Tami MP pledges to support #iwill campaign

The charity Step Up To Serve have recently set up the #iwill campaign. The campaign intends to get more young people, aged 10-20, to take part in social action like campaigning, fundraising and volunteering.

The charity are asking organisations/public figures to pledge their support for the campaign. Mark Tami MP is one of many who have made an official pledge to support the campaign.

Mark Tami MP said; “It concerns me that younger people are not given the opportunity to engage in social action.

“I believe that there are thousands of young people who would love to participate in activities that make a positive impact in their neighbourhoods but unfortunately are not given the chance.

“There are multiple benefits of taking part in social action, not just the character and empathy developed by the young people and the contribution they are making through their social action, but increased social cohesion and integration.

“That’s why I was very keen to get involved with this campaign. I have pledged to do my utmost to ensure 10-20 year olds in Alyn and Deeside are given every opportunity to get involved with social action.”

The campaign aims to increase the number participating by 50% by the year 2020. This will mean an extra 1.5 million people contributing to their communities.

More information can also be found at or by following @iwill_campaign on Twitter.