Mark Tami MP urges constituents to register to vote

For anyone who isn’t registered to vote, then tomorrow (Tuesday 7th) will be the last opportunity you will have to register in time to have your say on the EU referendum.

Mark Tami MP, who has been actively supporting the Remain campaign for economic and security reasons, has urged constituents who are not registered to vote to go online and register.

Mark Tami MP said; “The outcome of this vote will have such a big impact on everyday life, this will likely be a once in a lifetime opportunity to have your say on Britain’s position in Europe.

“There will be a couple more weeks of campaigning before the vote on the 23rd June, but right now what is important is that people register to vote.

“It’s so easy to do online. It’ll be an incredibly close vote and therefore people really should not pass on this opportunity to have their say.”

To register please use the following link