Mark Tami MP speaks in House of Commons debate on the Wales Bill

The Wales Bill was again debated in Parliament last week and local MP Mark Tami raised an important issue.

The Wales Bill is an attempt to change the governance of politics in Wales. The Bill intends to amend devolution in Wales and move the country to a system that is more in line with their Northern Irish and Scottish counterparts.

The Minister for Wales, Alun Cairns, is advocating a policy of more powers being devolved to the Assembly. Despite agreeing with the principles of increased devolution, Mark Tami feels we must first better inform the people of Wales.

Mark Tami spoke in the debate; “The Minister is talking about extra powers and what powers are transferring across. What is he doing however to help get that information across to the people of Wales? Even under the current settlement, there is still a lot of misunderstanding as to who is responsible for what.”

Mr Cairns stated that one of the key functions of the Bill is to provide a clear line between what the UK Government are responsible for and what the Welsh Government are responsible for.

The Bill remains under scrutiny.