Mark Tami MP concerned for local jobs if we vote to Leave

There was a debate last week in Westminster regarding the economic benefits of remaining in the EU. Mark Tami MP spoke in the debate and raised his concerns for the 6000 people employed in his constituency by Airbus, who have urged their employees to vote to remain.

Mark Tami said in the debate; “Have my colleagues seen the warnings from Airbus about the threats to future investment in this country? I am talking about more than 6,000 jobs in Alyn and Deeside and 5,000 jobs in Bristol. Does he agree that the Brexit camp think that those are jobs that we can afford to lose?”

The vote is on Thursday the 23rd and Mark Tami believes we should remain because it offers the best framework for trade, manufacturing, employment rights and cooperation to meet the challenges the UK faces in the world in the twenty-first century.

He said; “Tens of billions of pounds worth of investment and millions of jobs are linked to the UK’s membership of the EU, the biggest market in the world. Leaving would be an incredible risk”.