Mark Tami MP supports Turn2us’ No Cold Homes campaign

Mark Tami MP with Clive Lewis- Shadow Energy Minister

Mark Tami MP with Clive Lewis – Shadow Energy Minister

Mark Tami MP this week showed his support for Turn2us’ No Cold Homes campaign. Mr Tami passionately believes that no one should have to live in a cold home due to not being able to afford the energy costs.

Mr Tami said; “It’s sickening to think that there are people in my constituency who are going cold this winter because they cannot afford to pay the bills.

“Fuel poverty is a real concern for people across the UK; and the work charities like Turn2us are doing for people affected by this issue is extremely commendable. That is why I was keen to support their campaign when they were in Westminster this week”

The campaign aims to shed light on the everyday realities of fuel poverty in the UK – something that affects so many, from low income workers and older people to people with disabilities and long-term illnesses.

Turn2us want to help more people who are struggling with their energy costs. We want to show them there’s support out there for them and we want to help them to get the financial support they desperately need this winter.

Visit to get involved and see how you can show your support.