Mark Tami MP recognises the importance of the UK steel industry

Mark Tami again voiced his concerns about the steel industry in Westminster’s Welsh Questions last week. Mark Tami, who has previously highlighted rising energy costs as a key contributor to the struggles of the steel industry, last week pointed to cheap Chinese imports as the biggest problem the industry is facing.

Mark Tami confronted the Secretary State for Wales, Stephen Crabb, regarding the issue and said; “does the Secretary of State agree that if we do not tackle Chinese dumping, all those other measures (such as helping with business rates and energy costs) will count for nothing and that the future of the industry in this country is bleak?”

This is increasingly becoming more of an issue and with strong local ties, Mark Tami is intent on making his voice heard in Westminster. The Government are keen to portray this as an issue that Europe in its entirety are facing; however it’s clear that Britain are bearing the brunt of it as Nia Griffith, the Shadow Secretary State for Wales, claimed during the debate that 94% of Chinese steel entering the European Union is finding its way to the UK.