Mark Tami MP helps Parkinson’s UK bring forward the day no one fears Parkinson’s

Mark Tami MP parkinsons
Mark Tami MP this week joined up to the five-year mission of charity Parkinson’s UK – to bring forward the day when no one fears Parkinson’s.

In the run up to Christmas, Parkinson’s UK is highlighting the issues faced by people with Parkinson’s, a brain condition which can leave people struggling to walk, speak and sleep, and how things need to change.

Mark Tami joined follow MPs at the charity’s parliamentary reception in Westminster to find out how they could get involved in Parkinson’s UK’s new approach to combating the condition.

Mark Tami MP said after attending the event:
“I have already had some exposure to the devastating affect Parkinson’s has had on my constituents. I was therefore keen to attend Parkinson’s UK’s event, and hear from people affected by the condition.

“The event opened my eyes to how small changes, across the community, can have such a huge impact. I’ll be doing everything I can to support their commendable mission.”

Parkinson’s affects one in 500 people in Alyn and Deeside and can cause a myriad of symptoms including insomnia, depression, and hallucinations, robbing people of their independence. But through more research, improved services, and empowering people with Parkinson’s to take control, their lives can be turned around. Parkinson’s UK wants to see quality services as standard for the 127,000 people with Parkinson’s in the UK.

Parkinson’s UK Chief Executive Steve Ford said:

“It’s brilliant Mark Tami MP has signed up to help us bring forward the day when no-one fears Parkinson’s. With their support, together we can turn around the lives of people with Parkinson’s.

“We look forward to seeing the difference Mr Tami can make in Alyn and Deeside and how he can help us to keep Parkinson’s on the political agenda.”