Mark Tami MP Helps charity raise awareness of puppy smuggling plight

Mark Tami MP dogsDogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity recently took the opportunity to highlight the UK’s growing puppy smuggling problem to a host of MPs at its annual House of Commons reception hosted by Sir Roger Gale MP and supported by the players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Local MP, Mark Tami, attended the event. 

Mark Tami MP said, “I am pleased to support Dogs Trust in raising awareness of the issue of illegal puppy smuggling – something which affects many people in my constituency each year.

“Not only is this issue affecting unwitting members of the public who are buying puppies without knowing where in the world they have come from, but it also brings with it a risk of disease to humans and dogs, which is simply unacceptable.”

Following its initial report into puppy smuggling in November 2014, Dogs Trust this year conducted its second in-depth investigative report focused on the puppies travelling illegally into Britain under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). Dogs Trust found substantial evidence that underage puppies are still regularly entering the country on false documentation and are subsequently sold to unsuspecting consumers.

To emphasise how easily unethical dealers are able to bring underage, sickly, or undocumented puppies into Great Britain, MPs were invited to take part in a photo opportunity which saw them standing in front of a giant fake pet passport. They were surrounded by toy puppies that Dogs Trust smuggled through Britain’s ports as part of their investigation, to illustrate the ineffectiveness of patrols at the ports.

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