Mark Tami MP supports the RCPCH’s initiative, the Epilepsy Passport

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) have developed the Epilepsy Passport. The Epilepsy Passport is a paper record containing relevant and up-to-date clinical information about a child or young person’s epilepsy. The information will include an emergency care plan, medication history and key professional contacts.

The initiative aims to help young people with epilepsy and their families communicate with healthcare professionals and to help healthcare professionals communicate with each other. The Epilepsy Passport was launched at the House of Commons on Friday 18th September and the RCPCH hope that it will become a resource in epilepsy care.

Mark Tami MP said on the matter that; “There are approximately 60,000 children who suffer from epilepsy throughout the UK and the Government has to do everything it can to support these young people. Any initiative that improves communication and contributes to more efficient treatment can only be a good thing”.

Epilepsy Passports are available on They must be filled out by paediatrician or epilepsy nurse and will then be given to the young person or their guardian.