Mark Tami MP slams proposed Conservative cuts to the HMRC

At a time where tax evasion is arguably at its worst, the Tory government are planning devastating cuts to HM Revenue and Customs. HMRC are expected to announce that the majority of their 170 tax offices nationwide will be axed, including its site in Wrexham, which will inevitably lead to largescale redundancies.

Mark Tami said; “This announcement is very concerning for the whole of the UK. The HMRC currently employ 56,000 people and it is likely a large proportion of these employees will be made redundant. The timing of this announcement is also questionable, it comes during parliamentary recess and was released without an official ministerial statement. At a time where we need as many tax specialists doing their utmost to ensure tax evaders pay their fair share, it begs the question as to whether such largescale cuts should be being made.”

This is a part of the Government’s ten-year ‘modernisation’ programme that will see the HMRC’s 170 offices cut down to a mere 13 offices nationwide. HMRC is currently not planning to subject these proposals to parliamentary scrutiny or public consultation, and the union is yet to see any assessment of the impact on staff with disabilities or caring responsibilities, or the socio-economic and environmental effects of such a largescale closure programme. The Union states that these alleged cuts “pose a significant threat to the operation of HMRC, its service to the public and the working lives of staff”.