MPs Support Charity’s Call for Government Action on Blood Cancer

Flintshire MP’s Mark Tami and David Hanson have backed calls for Government action on blood cancer after a blood cancer charity revealed that one in three transplant patients die within one year of their treatment.

The MPs met with the blood cancer charity, Anthony Nolan, at the Labour Party Conference this year and are supporting their Destination: Cure campaign.

Mark Tami MP said:

“Statistics show that over 11,000 people with blood cancer or a blood disorder will require a stem cell transplant from a stranger over the next five years. It is therefore vital that the UK Government does more to recruit donors, invest in pioneering research and improve post-transplant care.”

The charity also revealed that one in eight patients in need of a stem cell or bone marrow transplant do not find a donor, and praised the vital contribution of selfless individuals who donate their stem cells and bone marrow.

David Hanson MP said:

“Cancer is one of the biggest health issue facing Britain. We need to do all we can to tackle this devastating disease, be it through becoming a donor or donating to cancer charities. A concerted effort by the Government is needed to fund research. Through research we can beat cancer once and for all.”

The charity is now asking the public to back the Destination: Cure campaign to improve outcomes for transplant patients and accelerate scientific research at