Mark Tami Supports Charity’s Call for Government Action on Blood Cancer

Destination CureMark Tami, MP for Alyn and Deeside, backed calls for Government action after a charity revealed that one in three patients with blood cancer, who do receive a transplant, die within a year of treatment.

Mark Tami is supporting the Destination: Cure campaign, launched by Anthony Nolan, which runs the stem cell and bone marrow register for the UK. he continues to support this campaign after being re-elected as Co-Chair of the All Part Parliamentary Group on Stem Cell Transplantation in March of the year.

Mark Tami, who spoke at the launch of the event in Parliament said after: ‘Finding a suitable donor is a milestone when suffering from blood cancer but the statistics show that more research needs to be done to ensure the survival rates improve.  The Government needs to encourage donors, stem cell research and long-term care for patients in need.’

Anthony Nolan’s Destination: Cure campaign aims to save the lives of patients with blood cancer or blood disorders, by calling for greater investment in donor register as finding a matching donor is a potentially life saving milestone; pioneering research so that we have a greater understanding of why some patients survive and others do not; and better post-transplant care.

In order to accelerate these changes the charity is asking for the public to support the Destination: Cure campaign at