Mark Tami MP is supporting Age Cymru’s Scams and Swindles Campaign

Mark Tami MP for Alyn & Deeside is supporting Age Cymru’s Scams and Swindles campaign.

The campaign which is running through July is calling for greater protection for older people who are targeted by criminals through scams and swindles.

Mark Tami MP said, ‘I am very supportive of this campaign and believe that it is vital that older people and those who care for the older people are aware of the scams and swindles that take place.’

At least 50,000 scams were committed against welsh people in one recent 12-month period as shown by Age Cymru research and Age Cymru are calling for:

  • Misleading direct mail advertising in which vulnerable people are misled into thinking they have won large cash prizes to be outlawed, plus tighter control of mass marketing from abroad as more than £5bn is lost annually through mail scams.
  • Telephone companies to offer more protection against scam phone calls, especially from abroad, and to close down lines from offenders.
  • Internet service providers to increase protection against spam/scam e-mails with higher security levels, plus blocking access to known offenders.
  • The Welsh Government and Welsh local authorities to consider dramatically increasing the number of No Cold Calling Zones to protect older people from unscrupulous rogue traders and doorstep scams and make them legally enforceable.

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