Mark Tami MP supports Compulsory Jobs Guarantee

Mark Tami MP has called for a tax on bank bonuses to fund jobs for young people in Alyn & Deeside. Under Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee, every young person out of work in Alyn & Deeside for more than 12 months will be given a paid starter job which they will have to take up […]

Mark Tami MP Reacts to the Budget

Mark Tami MP has slammed George Osborne for his budget that does nothing for families in Alyn & Deeside. After nearly four years of the Tories, hard-working families are on average £1,600 a year worse off and not feeling any economic recovery at all. We need a recovery for the many, not just a few […]

Mark Tami MP Mobile Phone Warning

Mark Tami MP is warning constituents of the importance of informing phone companies immediately when phones are lost or stolen, especially when abroad. The warning comes after the MP for Alyn & Deeside was informed of a number of cases where owners had lost or had their phone stolen and then found that a huge […]

Mark Tami MP has spoken out against Badger Culls

Mark Tami MP has spoken out against badger culls in a Parliamentary debate last week and is calling on the Government to release a report by the Independent Expert Panel into the two pilot badger culls which took place last year. The Alyn & Deeside MP raised concerns that the pilot badger culls were carried […]

Mark Tami MP Meets with Airbus Apprentices

Mark Tami MP visited apprentices in Airbus last week as part of National Apprenticeship Week. The Alyn & Deeside MP visited the site at Broughton to see the work that apprentices carry out and their role in the international firm. Mark said, ‘Airbus is an excellent example of a big business firmly rooted in the […]